What is DuBay Beards? - From the owners Aaron and James

What is DuBay?

DuBay is an idea. The idea that every person has a right to choose the quality of product they place on their body. I wish I had an entertaining “face melting, but not that severe” story to tell you, but it’s a little more simple. The truth is that I have an allergy to synthetic perfumes. It’s not the kind of allergy that gets you slightly bloated, but the kind that closes your breathing pipes in the middle of an Opera (that was an awkward date). 

Having this allergy makes my life a little more difficult. I miss  enjoying the simple things. I cannot use air fresheners, candles, lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, specific cleaning products, detergents, deodorants or cologne among many other products that smell great. In my case, Axe body spray would put me into a coma. This is where the idea of DuBay grew.

As I have always been a good sport about my allergy, I came to a point in my life when living in a scentless world was unsustainable. So in the search for “all natural” products in the early 2000s, I tried every hippy elixir, every product “someone’s cousin” decided to make, and everything Wild Oats (RIP) had for sale. This pool was dry. So after tinkering with coconut oil and essential oils in Cambodia for an itchy beard, an idea grew, and Du Bay became the change we needed in the way we look at skin and hair care.

Today, after 20 years of “tinkering,” and multiple chemistry projects later, we use that ethos in every product we build, design, and sell. All our ingredients are 100% grown from the earth (all natural) and good for you. Over 70% of our ingredients are Organic, and we source as much as we can locally. ALL our products are tested on us, our friends and our families before they are marketed to you. We think you deserve the highest quality product for your skin and hair, don’t you?

Aaron D.


Our first product shot and Social media post. 2016


What is DuBay?

DuBay Beard Essentials started out like any small business does. I was BROKE! I was managing a vape shop and forever thinking about supplemental income. November was around the corner and I decided to do the whole no shave thing for the first time. Up until this point I had never attempted to grow facial hair aside from some 5 o’clock shadow action. 

November came around. About 3 weeks into the month I had grown a pretty nappy and unruly scruff that I really wasn’t sure what to do with. I was starting to realize that I might not have the genetics I had hoped for, and maybe a beard wasn't for me. This is where worlds collided.

One of my customers at the time, Mr. A. DuBay, had a full and magnificent beard that always seemed to glimmer and shine. He had taken notice of the sad state of my whiskers and offered some much needed advice. “You ever tried beard oil?” He asked. I proceeded to tell him I hadn’t because of my affliction to oily substances anywhere near my face. In my experiences up to this point, oils on my face led to pimples and discomfort. And then it happened. “Here, try this. I make it myself.” It was at this point that Aaron handed me a small glass 5ml bottle that would change my perspective forever. 

Long story short, I hung in there. My beard began to grow longer and healthier. The oil he had supplied me drastically improved the moisture levels of both my skin and beard. It did so without any greasy residues or ill side effects. I couldn't believe what an improvement it had made on my sub-par face patch. Upon inquisition, Mr. DuBay informed me that the ingredients in the bottle contained only the most pure, natural and organic products and that he had been working to perfect the concoction for quite some time. That's when it hit me. “Here it is!” I thought. My side income. “The rest of the world needs this!” I figured that there had to be a population of guys out there, like myself, that needed a natural product that did its job without petroleum, or other greasy carriers. 

I approached Aaron with a very well branded pitch, and asked if he’d like to join me on a quest to lube men's face fur across the globe. Clearly, he was a fan of the name! We were off! DuBay Beard Essentials was emerged. The magic elixir in the little glass vile became Man O’ War, our flagship oil. 

Today, we have over 10 well established products, across two separate lines. We take pride in the fact that our products are pure, simple and without synthetics. We maintain a modest line of scents that are very specifically blended for optimal results. There is no doubt that we can achieve better results, with way less ingredients and all naturally then most of the products on the market. We'd rather carry 4 amazing and natural products than 20 synthetically scented or petroleum based products any day.  I'm sure you will feel the same way once you try them for yourself. 

James N. 



From our early days on the artisans/farmers market scene. 2017