Staying Clean and Covid-19

Staying clean during Covid-19

As many of us have been quarantined for the past 6 weeks, you might have lost some motivation for shaving on the daily. This has inspired what we are calling the “Corona Beard.” I have seen clean cut men all over the word growing their whiskers out for the first time ever. Whether it’s a beautiful quick growing beard, or just some scruff that you are trying to piece together, it needs care.

In the time of Covid-19, this care is of utmost importance to your and your family’s health. Not only for the health and care of your beard, but for cleanliness. As every bearded man knows, (and everytime I eat breakfast cereal), beards collect things, and sometimes they can collect the germs and bacteria that we don't want near us or our families. Do we shave it off? Some might, but for us at DuBay Beards, we say “keep it clean.” Here are some helpful hints for making sure to get the best clean for your beard and keep it healthy at the same time.

  1. No alcohol based products- as alcohol might clean germs and bacteria off your skin, it does significant damage to your hair and skin in the meantime by drying it out. As skin regrows and we shed it, be safe and use an alcohol based hand sanitizer, but make sure to moisturise multiple times a day (our Siren and Hand Salve are perfect for this). But for your beard, alcohol will damage your beard beyond return. 
  2. No silicone based products- As silicone has many uses in the world, it does NOT belong on your beard. Silicone is becoming popular these days in cheap cosmetics and has breached into the beard oil world. Silicone is an encapsulator, trapping bacteria and germs onto your beard. It’s similar to wearing a flytrap for bacteria growth. 
  3. Wash, Wash, Wash- Make sure to wash your beard 2-3 times daily with a paraben-free  aloe, coconut, or shea based product. This will not only clean your beard, but promote healthy growth by providing the moisture needed on your beard and skin. 
  4. Lather- Make sure to have a significant amount of lather, this is what activates the solvents in your soap to cut bacteria and germs away. 
  5. Time- You should spend at least 90-120 seconds washing your beard with soap and HOT water. I know it’s a significant bit of time to wash, but hey, it feels good and your beard will appreciate it.
  6. Oil- Use a beard oil high in Jojoba. Not only is Jojoba a moisturising giant rich in vitamin A,E, and D; it is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Jojoba moisturises your skin and hair while keeping it clean. It is a bonus oil. Most beard oils do not contain Jojoba due to its cost, and if they do, it’s listed very low on the ingredient list (2%-5%). At DuBay, we use Jojoba very liberally. ALL our oils contain a minimum 15% Jojoba with Man-O-War being our hero at over 22%. 

I hope these helpful hints keep your beard beautiful. Stay clean my friends and be safe out there!