A Neat Back Story

It starts with a young real estate developer in Hawaii named DuBay. During the free fall of the real estate market, DuBay found himself without employment. He responded by packing everything he owned in a backpack and leaving the islands with a one-way ticket to Thailand. DuBay had spent much of his youth abroad and felt at ease on the road. He was accustomed to traveling among strangers in even stranger lands. He would seek teaching jobs, sharing the English language with the locals as he hopped town to town. While in Thailand, DuBay kept a clean shave to maintain a professional look. Many of his pupils were Thai businessmen. .
There was a period when DuBay was living in the jungles of Cambodia. He learned one day that his toiletry bag had been stolen, and he was suddenly without his usual amenities. Little did he know that this unfortunate turn of events would alter his future completely. He spent months without a razor, living under the Tetrameles Nudiflora trees, which are notorious for ripping apart the memories of the ancient world. DuBay soon found he had grown a beard fit for a captain at the helm. The uncontrollable nature of his gruff new beard lead him on a quest to tame its feral nature. Locally made coconut oil with a hint of something extra was the catalyst of what is now Dubay.